New Concerns About Biden’s Health as He Hides out at the Beach


This week, the scandal surrounding the Biden family’s foreign business dealings has heated up with Devon Archer being interviewed behind closed doors by the House Oversight Committee. Rep. Dan Goldman, D-NY, was the first to leave after Archer’s testimony. He was trying to discredit what Archer had said. Archer said that Joe Biden spoke on speakerphone during multiple meetings and that he is the “big guy”. Goldman, however, tried to divert attention by claiming that the calls took place after Beau Biden’s death. I don’t think people will accept that excuse. Democrats cannot deny all evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement including emails, phone calls, and pictures.

Biden’s transparent actions against former president Donald Trump are also being criticized. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Raaswamy has called them out as acting like a banana republic, while legal experts have ripped apart the flawed nature of the indictment of Trump and the “demagogic actions” of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Biden must now face the consequences of his extravagant spending, as do we, due to the downgrading of our credit rating. His team threw a fit and tried to blame Trump for the downgrade of our credit rating.

Where is Joe Biden in the midst of all this? He is on another vacation. He is spending ten days on the beach from now until August 6.

Last month, he spent two weeks at Camp David. He also made a trip to Rehoboth Beach. He has not answered any questions regarding his son’s plea agreement blowing up, or his falsehood that he never spoke to his son in regards to his business dealings being allegedly exposed by Devon Archer.

Biden does indeed hide and avoid questions to which the public is entitled to receive answers. Even NBC noted that he is sticking to his “no comments” policy.

It’s likely that any comment will only make him look even worse given the fact that his previous comments were proven to be false.

Hey, he did answer questions about the movie Oppenheimer.

It is also concerning that he spends so many days doing nothing and needs to take such long vacations. His deterioration has become more and more obvious.

When Biden was walking along the beach with Jill, journalists tried to ask him questions again. He did not answer. If you watch the video, I’m not sure if he even knew the questions were being asked. The RNC Research people were probably being sarcastic by calling this “a leisurely walk.” It looks to me like a young daughter leading her father or a person walking a dog. It wasn’t a good-looking picture.

He looks like he’s struggling to walk, and compared to Jill’s easy stride, it’s striking how halting it is. Yes, he has gait issues, but he just looks awful and so old. Sixty-eight percent of the American people already have questions about his mental and physical ability to serve. That’s a pretty big majority when he’s allegedly going to be the Democratic nominee.

The questions will only increase.