Missouri Dems Twitter Account Calls for Arson on Trump Supporter’s Home


The Missouri branch’s Twitter account (sorry Elon), which is the official Twitter of the Democratic Party, thought it was perfectly acceptable to send a fireball at a Trump supporter on July 31, despite the fact that the tweet has been deleted without any apology.

Now is the time to act.

It is not surprising that the left has such an immaturity, but it is even more shocking when you consider Missouri’s recent past. Nine years ago violence ravaged the city of Ferguson after a police shooting. We have previously reflected on:

When the news of Michael Brown’s shooting broke four-and-a-half months earlier, I was returning home from a Saturday afternoon spent at the soccer field. I had no idea that this moment would be one of them. The death of a child is always a sad event, but it’s not that uncommon to feel like time has stopped. It becomes a part of our history. I didn’t know that even the fact that Brown was killed by police would still be a topic of discussion as 2014 came to an end, let alone five years after. I didn’t know that my old, blue-collar neighborhood in north county, which I thought was racially and ethnically diverse, would become a social Rorschach, with different meanings for each one, or a hashtag.

As I watched in disbelief as a vigil on the next day turned into a protest and then to looting, rioting, and violence, I could not believe the destruction I had witnessed. I recognized the tire store with its windows smashed and the parking lot from where local newscasters reported. Ferguson is not my hometown but it is an integral part of the fabric of St. Louis. It’s close enough that I was shaken by violence and chaos on its streets, not out of fear for myself, but because my community felt so sad.

David Dorn, a retired St. Louis Police officer who was black, was killed in cold blood during the 2020 BLM Riots after George Floyd’s Death. He had been trying to stop looting. As Brandon Morse pointed out at the time, it was not surprising that mainstream media soft-pedaled the story.

They do not care about the lives of people. They would rather defend rioters or groups such as Antifa than report the whole story. Why? They want these riots to continue as long as they can, as this will draw endless clicks and eyeballs.

Why would they incite outrage over the senseless killing of a retired police officer who was black by rioters, when they could continue to call rioters ‘peaceful’ as they loot and destroy, or even kill them, then incite outrage when police intervene to stop them?

Dorn deserved more. We deserve better. We deserve better. We deserve better.

St. Louis, the safest city in America is also worth mentioning. St. Louis is more dangerous than Oakland. St. Louis is worse than Oakland. Or Los Angeles. Or Chicago. Or New York City. Again quoting Susie Moore:

I try to avoid watching disturbing videos. Even if the subject is okay in the end, I avoid them because I can’t get the images from my head.

Monday night, I watched a movie that I wish I had not. Even after reading the caption, which indicated that it was a murder video, I clicked on it anyway – perhaps in disbelief. The video showed a shooting that took place in broad daylight, in a part of downtown St. Louis I was familiar with.

It was not just a shooting. The shooter spent more than twenty seconds messing around with his gun before firing at a man sitting on the curb of a sidewalk just feet away. This happened just two blocks from where a man’s reckless driving had robbed another young girl of her legs 10 days earlier.

All seemed routine or mundane. You and I are having another wonderful day in paradise.

A new day in the city I’ve lived and worked for more than 30 years. Criminals in this city are not deterred by the prospect of arrest or prosecution, let alone human decency. They point a gun directly at the head of another man and fire while the cameras are rolling.

It is hard to believe that, with this recent history, anyone in Missouri could suggest, even in jest or jokingly, arson as an acceptable treatment for a family who supports a candidate of the opposing party. It should be more so, given that this hateful message comes from a party official. Unfortunately, this is not surprising at all.

Democrats have been posing as the Political Party of Peace for years. They are politicians who are reeking of empathy towards the middle class, and even lower classes. This is a falsehood since reports about Democratic politicians destroying the middle-class and applauding violence toward opponents are so frequent that one becomes numb. No, it is not surprising that the Missouri Democrats deleted their tweet without apologizing.