Kamala Harris Faces Backlash and Heavy Criticism for Hypocrisy in Weed Tweet, Community Takes Note


Is Kamala Harris campaigning? We haven’t heard much about her while Joe Biden has been making more community visits. The Biden-Harris campaigns haven’t benefited much from this, as the more Joe Biden is seen, the less likely people are to vote for him or Kamala in the next election.

Twitchy, however, found that she made a comment about X which was doubtless aimed at gaining votes. It may have had the opposite impact, as it highlights her past issues with marijuana laws.

Harris said, “Nobody should be sent to prison for smoking marijuana. We must continue to reform the justice system while changing our nation’s attitude to marijuana.”

The tweet is an attempt to reach out to those who support decriminalizing marijuana. She posted it even on 4/20, which is a day dedicated to celebrating marijuana. It’s about pandering, and they’re saying anything to stay in power.

As many people pointed out in their responses, Harris has a minor problem regarding her background: she has a long history of convictions for marijuana offenses, which she appears to be trying to ignore or forget here.

Her tweet was also the subject of a Community Note that blasted her for the topic. The note talked about more than 1900 convictions she received while serving as San Francisco’s District Attorney. The Note has since disappeared from her post, although it appears to have been deleted. This is what it looks like:

Elon Musk was pleased with the Community Note.

He needs to find out why the object has disappeared.

That was no the only problem that Harris had with this subject.

In 2010, while running for the office of state attorney general, Harris opposed a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in all 50 states. She called it a “flawed policy.”

Harris also admitted to smoking weed in college during a radio interview while running for president and ticked off her father, the Jamaican-born Donald Harris, when she invoked her heritage while saying she would support pot legalization.

Harris replied, “Half of my family is from Jamaica.” “Are You kidding Me?”

Tulsi Gabbard also nuked her during the Democratic primaries for the 2020 elections.