Roseanne Barr Delivers Scorching Roast of E. Jean Carroll


Roseanne Barr has been making the rounds on social media with a video she shared that mocks E. Jean Carroll. Carroll claimed Donald Trump had sexually assaulted in her dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman in New York in the mid-1990s.

Roseanne stares at the camera as if she is overwhelmed.

Her son, who was behind the camera, asked “What happened Mom?” “We’re in Bergdorf. Are you okay?” “You look shocked.”

She says, “No, I am not fine.” “I had a terrible flashback, horrible memory.” She reveals: “Right here, I realize that Joe Biden raped me right in this dressing room, in the shoe department, where I went to change my shoes, 26 years ago.”

The son replies, “Oh my God!”

Barr continues, “He raped me right here, Joe Biden raped me right here at the shoe department of Bergdorf Goodman.”

“Are you okay?”

She replies, “No, I’m not.” “I need to sue.”

The reaction to Barr’s video has been mixed. Trump haters have accused her of mocking victims of sexual assault.

Barr responded to criticism by saying, “I would never insult an assault victim.” “I was referring to E. Jean Carroll.”

There are legitimate questions raised about E. Jean Carroll’s allegations, especially about her ability to provide such fine detail about the alleged event despite being unable to recall other details that would have supported her accusations — including the date of the incident.

Carroll’s allegations are also flawed by the fact that her story has a suspiciously similar plot to “Law and Order: SVU.” These two stories are utterly identical. Carroll’s claim alleges the same crime in the same store at the same location. Carroll’s social networking posts, which show that she was a fan of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”, well after the fictitious assault occurred, cast doubt on her claims.

Carroll also worked to ensure that New York passed the law allowing her to sue Trump. The New York jury didn’t care about these facts when it awarded her a staggering $83 million in damages in January.

Carroll has taken advantage of the situation not only to benefit her financially but also to harm Trump. Carroll was asked by a CBS Mornings host if Biden’s campaign reached out to the candidate. She replied that they had not, but she expressed her willingness to assist, saying, “I will do whatever I can.”

She boasted in a separate interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopoulos that she would spend the damages money “on something Donald Trump hates.”

Her interview with Rachel Maddow, a host on MSNBC, was even more damning. Maddow asked her an obvious question to set up the situation. She wanted to know how Carroll would use this money to “shore up women’s rights.” Carroll responded like a child in a candy shop, instead of listing worthy causes to which she could donate.

Carroll replied, “I’ve got so many great ideas about what I can do with the money.” “We are going to buy new clothes, shoes, a motorcycle for Crowley, and a new fishing rod for Robbie. What do you want? A penthouse, perhaps? It’s yours, Rachel.”

Maddow laughed as if it were funny or maybe trying to make it seem like a joke.

Do you want a penthouse in France? “You want to go fishing?” Carroll went on.

Barr’s account is more credible than Carroll’s. Biden’s inappropriate behavior towards young girls and women is well documented. Tara Reade, his former staffer, also accused him credibly of sexual assault.

Reade claims that Biden sexually abused her and touched her inappropriately when she was working in his Senate Office in 1993. Her claims were given more credibility after a clip of the Larry King Live show was released, in which her mother anonymously called the panel to ask for advice about how to deal with a situation involving her daughter and a prominent Senator.