Kamala Harris Has Been Given Her Next Assignment to Fail


Kamala Harris was given key tasks by the Biden administration and has failed to perform them all.

She is an awkward mix of dishonest statements and laughs, as well as a cheerleader for Biden. She is America’s most unpopular politician – which is a big deal when you consider that your competition is Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Harris will now be on a midterm tour, to attempt an impossible task.

Vice President Kamala Harris is increasing her campaign road trips in order to turn out young voters, voters of color, and voters for the midterms. She stopped this week in Wisconsin. South Carolina has not yet scheduled appearances with the key Democratic nominees.

Harris will be going out to get young voters to vote, a common Democratic tactic that almost never succeeds.

Harris will speak Tuesday at South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, S.C. This is Harris’ sixth visit to a historically black college or university this year.

Additionally, she will participate in a roundtable discussion that day with Claflin University student leaders.

This is not all.

Last week, she told University at Buffalo students that clean energy legislation was passed by the administration because they heard them demand that leaders “take immediate action to address the climate crisis as it is.”

Last week, she addressed a crowd of young Hill professionals and interns at an event hosted by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

There are two parts to this job. The most difficult part of this task is to recruit young voters for the midterm elections.

This was Bernie Sanders’ 2020 plan, which failed spectacularly. Biden won the nomination because of his popularity with young voters, especially college students.

In recent years, several candidates have also made it a priority to recruit young voters. While younger voters were more present in the 2020 presidential election, they were less prevalent in the primaries and midterm elections. It’s not good for Democrats to rely on young voters to save Democrats at this moment.

Her second task is to get voters of color back into the Democratic party. This is far more important.

Two issues Democrats face with voters of color are: The first is the Hispanic voter. The Democrats’ case focuses too heavily on social/cultural issues which many Hispanic voters disapprove of and too few on economic issues which the New York Times points out is a major concern for Hispanic voters.

The polling is not a good indicator of where voters will be going in November. However, the GOP holds the edge on issues.

Black voters are another problem for Democrats. While they are not in imminent danger of voting for Republicans in significantly greater numbers than in the past, they are more likely to stay home if Democrats fail to make a compelling case.

Black voters are as concerned about the economy as Hispanic voters. This is especially true in the wake of Trump’s era when black unemployment was at an all-time low and income was increasing. Black voters, who are more likely to vote against the party they support in midterms due to economic uncertainty and rising inflation, may be tempted to abandon their traditional party.

As polling appeared to favor them, Democrats seemed to be riding a wave o optimism towards the end of the year. However, the polls are now shifting in favor of the GOP. While some question whether it’s a wave or a trickle it’s clear that it’s a Republican year.

Kamala Harris is now an unpopular politician who uses awkward laughter and frequent word salad statements to try to recruit voters. The Democratic party has no chance of winning enough votes to save them. Biden is constantly trying to make Kamala Harris fail.