Three Reasons the Democratic Party Should Die


Perhaps you are thinking, “Only three reasons?” Perhaps you are thinking “Only three motives?”


Whitney Houston sang “Children are the future.” It is disgusting to me that Democrats want to force-feed their “GENDER AND SKIN COLOR ARE EVERYTHING” narrative to children who are too young to know that leprechauns do not exist. But every night, as you and I sleep the sleep of the just, liberals lie awake, scheming ways to brainwash your children and possibly even recruit them into their LGBT cult.

Yes, I meant to say recruit.

As a teenager, my dad refused to give me keys to my car, much less a pair of fake boobs.

A hot Asian woman I know from a cult told me that her cult would send her to college to find overweight, single, and “loserish” kids. This is what LGBT peeps are becoming.

Trans people make it seem like they want to be accepted. This is a trick. In reality, most people ignore their demands for attention. Many crave attention (duh), but some are as angry as Black Panthers at a David Allan Coe concert. They are cranky because they think “evil white men” are holding them back, though honestly, we mostly just ignore their pleas for attention. We aren’t holding them back; we just aren’t kissing their asses the way the far left does.

The Military

As Chinese soldiers prepare for war, the American military is looking for ways to make a female soldier who has a penis more at home in its camos.

“A Band of Gender neutrals” has replaced the military that defeated Nazis, fascists, and brutal Japanese forces. Admirals and generals high ranking have taken up the cause and now fly the pride flag whenever asked.

Yes, that was the Canadian border.

DO NOT trust Princess Trudeau. Watch the princess bride himself extoll the virtue of China’s dictatorship and suck up to the commies. He wants to be their ally, their power partner in North America. No one seeks to power more than a weak, cowardly man. That “man” is Miss Trudeau.

The Democrats’ military agenda makes America more vulnerable and weaker.

2nd Amendment

It’s a good moment to remind you that Democrats want guns. After the 2nd Amendment is defeated, the rest of their plan will be easy.

Australia sent healthy children from their families to camps in return for them making a friendship and avoiding COVID.

If you believe that the Bat-Stew Flu Nazis and their restrictions have ended, then the COVID-19 Harpies and their restrictions will reappear when the Variant of the-Month arrives. The CDC keeps camps ready.

The left wants to recruit kids into their cult and weaken our military. They are losing if we take our guns.

If I were a gambler, I would bet that domestic enemies are more deadly than international.