Undercover Footage Shows Illegal Electioneering for Pennsylvania Democrats at Two Philadelphia Polling Centers


Based on Project Veritas’ undercover footage, it would seem that Democratic operatives were illegally campaigning in Pennsylvania.

It is not yet clear how much such activities affected the outcome of the close Senate race between Democrat John Fetterman, Republican Mehmet Oz, and the Republican Mehmet Oz. The latter has now conceded and is currently facing a three-point delta.

What About The Details?

Project Veritas Action journalists used hidden cameras to film alleged electioneering at Pleasant Playground, a polling place located at 305 Slocum Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Election Code prohibits partisan actors seeking to influence, persuade or solicit votes at polling centers or nearby.

The National Conference of State Legislatures states that campaign materials, signs, banners, and other partisan literature cannot be placed within 10 feet of polling places in the state.

The door to the building was within arm’s reach. There, “committee persons” were present to give instructions, including a leaflet titled “Official Democratic City Committee Ballot” that explained exactly how to vote.

This document outlined how to vote uniformly in favor of Democrats like John Fetterman Josh Shapiro Austin Davis Art Haywood and Chris Rabb.

It indicated that it could be taken to the polling booth. The document also advised readers to vote “yes” on all questions.

According to The Philadelphia Citizen, the question the electioneers wanted to ask was about two charter amendments. First, whether to establish a city Department of Aviation and a cabinet-level position to supervise airports. Second, whether preference should have been given in civil service exams to qualified graduates of Career Technical Education programs within the school district of Philadelphia.

Rudy Stewart was the video identification of one of the so-called members.

Stewart can be seen running the undercover journalist down to the ballot in the video, apparently trying to persuade him to vote Democrat. He said that Democrats are “for the common man…for poor people.”

Stewart also said that “we are scared of him”, referring to Mehmet Oz. “These guys are frightening.”

Oz was accused by the alleged electioneer of being “way, right”.

The journalist asked Stewart, “Don’t vote for them?” Stewart replied affirmatively to the journalist.

Stewart interrupted his conversation with the journalist at one point to allegedly target passersby with electioneering material. He said, “Does anyone need Democratic Party Information?”

James Harrison was the second person who was allegedly involved in the Democrat electioneering effort.

Harrison stated to the journalist that he only supports the majority of the community.

The two men were not the only ones directing people to vote outside of the polling center. Also, the Pleasant Playground polling station’s outer wall was covered with Fetterman/Austin Davis campaign posters.

This Is Not An Isolated Incident

Project Veritas journalists undercover at the polling station on Snyder Avenue just over 15 miles away caught an election official telling voters to vote Democrat on Election Day.

Christie Yang told a journalist, posing as a potential voter, that “if the Democrat wins, then at most they represent us.”

Yang can be seen in the video suggesting that Fetterman would “win regardless” as well as that the journalist should vote for “Democrat down the ballot.”

Christopher Cwienkala (Judge of Ward 39-Division 19) was shown the video by Project Veritas journalists. Cwienkala thanked the journalists for their integrity and said he would check with the Board of Elections before proceeding.

In May, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial board wrote that Philadelphia had an electioneering program that was undermining “public faith in the system.”

We reported previously that a Democrat poll worker in Carmel, Indiana was accused of pressing the “straight Democrat” button on an electronic voter’s ballot and instructing two African voters how to vote. This suggested that pro-parent candidates were racist.

Although the poll worker was later removed from the position, the accused still helped to cast at least one coerced vote.