Masks Aren’t the Best Tool to Prevent Serious COVID Complications, but It Turns out Kids Might Be


A study published in November 2022 by The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) showed that children’s exposure can actually improve COVID outcomes over time and reduce the severity.

Solomon et al. (1) found an association between young child exposure and lower risk for severe Coronavirus disease 2019 in adults. These authors speculate that the higher coronavirus immunity due to recent infection with human coronaviruses, (HCoVs), may explain this protection. Laboratory studies (2-4) also support cross-protection.

This interesting pattern was discovered by the study, which analyzed Kaiser Permanente patient medical records.

When calculating the outcomes for severe illness relative to each subgroup, those without known household exposure to children had a 27% higher chance of COVID-19 hospitalizations and a 49% higher chance of COVID-19 ICU admissions than those without children. The severity of COVID-19 infections was calculated as the proportion of people who have contracted it within each age group. This is to say that there was a greater risk of severe COVID-19 complications among adults with confirmed COVID-19. However, these results were even more striking when comparing outcomes for severe illness relative to the total population. Based on data before the availability of COVID-19 vaccines were available, our findings may have provided epidemiological evidence that suggests cross-immunity with non-SARS/CoV-2 coronaviruses might provide some protection against severe COVID-19 illnesses.

This is interesting considering that many East Coast counties and school districts have reinstituted masking in the face of rising COVID cases. We must protect our teachers and communities.

As COVID-19 cases continue their rise, more schools in the United States have put mask mandates into place.

Districts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania announced that they would require masks temporarily for staff and students due to an increase in respiratory illnesses.

Schools in Massachusetts and Michigan now follow suit, while Chicago schools ask students to take quick tests before they start classes.

The Chelsea School District claims that it follows CDC recommendations in the Boston area. They also claim the need to ensure safety for the community.

On Monday, all public schools in Chelsea must have masks.

She wrote that “we will continue to monitor data and follow CDC guidelines in the event of a risk level change.” “The safety and well-being of our community is our top priority.”

Ann Arbor, MI, is following suit. They cite what can now be considered inconsistent data regarding masks that prevent the spread of RSV and flu.

Classes in Wayne County’s public schools, the most populous county in the state, resumed Monday.

According to the recommendation, “The return from winter vacation is a time when there is more risk of transmission in schools.” “Masks are an effective tool to prevent the spread of the respiratory virus.”

“This temporary, voluntary recommendation is to be proactive in reducing the combined effect of higher-than-normal flu levels and RSV as well as new COVID-19 variants.”

All recommendations must be voluntary and temporary because a Louisiana judge reacted to federal mandates. However, the county health system and school districts still have the ability to play COVID vaccine theatre with your child’s safety and health. My colleagues Mike Miller and Bob Hoge have both reported that there are not any definitive studies to support mask-wearing. Miller referred to two international studies and speculated that they were the most important.

The CDC took almost two years to inform America, and perhaps the rest of the world, that cloth masks were practically worthless in mitigating COVID-19 spread and that N95 masks offer “the best” level of protection. A new peer-reviewed international randomized controlled study (RCT), has now found no statistically significant evidence that masks prevent aerosolized transmission.

Why is the CDC continuing to make false recommendations while simultaneously torturing children and destroying their immune systems? These are the same people who helped children’s learning and development to be destroyed. It will take years to restore what was lost and our nation’s children won’t get their time back. If we recognize the serious harm to children’s intellectual, emotional and relational development due to COVID cultists after two years, how long it will take to see the connection that flu, RSV, and COVID may be linked to their immune suppression from mandated masking in the past?

PNAS seems to be making these connections. The CDC’s delayed release of VAERS data adds weight to the fact COVID mitigation is not doing what it is supposed to.

Maybe it’s not. There is evidence that a generation is being destroyed. This is another way to do it.