Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Controversial Call for a National Divorce


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial figure, called Monday for a “national divorcement”.

This tweet was posted on Twitter and stated that “we need to separate by red states, blue states, and shrink the federal government,” and ended with “we’re done.”

Greene’s post is in its entirety a little contradictory. It states that you cannot shrink the federal government if there’s a national divorce. This would mean it wouldn’t exist anymore. New governments would need to be created instead. Is she really calling for a national divorce or just making a confusing case to support more federalism in the current union?

Based on her statements, I assume she is using “national divorce” in this post. It’s quite shocking to hear a sitting US House Member call for the disintegration of the United States. This is the type of thing that’s normally reserved for online personalities. Some are already reacting in horror, including an ex-Gov congressman, whom I won’t bother to promote.

Is a national divorce feasible? And, more importantly, could it solve the nation’s problems? This is a discussion point. In an alternate world, I believe the United States would be happier and healthier if its two main political parties were to split. As I have said, the current far-left push on cultural issues such as transgenderism, parental rights, and other traditional American views is not sustainable.

As the government becomes more powerful, I worry about where it might lead. What happens to parents who lose their children because they don’t “affirm” their gender delusions? What happens if liberals take away gun rights and break the filibuster? What happens if these tensions are created?

A national divorce in this universe is unlikely to work. Geographically, the political population is not separated by states. They are instead separated by street addresses. In New York, there are many Republicans and plenty of Democrats. The United States is a union, and the totality of it provides the resources and innovations that made it what it is today. There are red states that contribute, and there are blue states which contribute.

Who gets the military in a split? Who will get the technology and nukes? Is there a sharing agreement? What happens to Republicans living in blue states? Are they relegated to their home states or given citizenship immediately to move to the country they desire? How can you stop blue staters from moving to “red” countries and making them what they already are?

Last but not least, this is the thing that sticks with me the most on this issue: Given the march of the left, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that a “blue union” would abandon a “red union alone. Democrats profit from the use and gaining of tyrannical authority. They wouldn’t agree to a mutual separation for that reason.

While I can understand Greene’s anger, it would be much easier to push for more federalism in the current union. This seems more realistic than a national separation because you won’t get the support you need to have a peaceful and complete divorce.