Liberal Writer Flat-out Endorses Violence Against Comedians


Comedy was once the domain of rebels. People who were willing to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior, sometimes going above and beyond them to force us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our human condition.

In the aftermath of the “Slap Heard Round the World”–Will Smiths’ bitch-slapping of comedian Chris Rock on the internationally-watched Oscar stage last year-some still argue that violence is justified against those whose jokes don’t hit that mark.

Candace McDuffie works as a writer for The Root:

Will Smith punched Chris Rock at the Oscars one year ago. This shocking scene shocked Hollywood.

Although most people can sympathize with Rock’s actions, Smith was also shown as a violent Black man who has anger issues.

Many people get why Smith created Rock.

This is not about condoning violence. But words shouldn’t be used to make Black women smile, especially if they don’t come with consequences.

This interpretation has been confirmed.

Because you deserve it:

The Root carefully reviewed the Oscars’ most famous moment but talk sh*t get it hurt is still an actual phenomenon. Rock had a right lesson.

This anarchic and dangerous material is wrapped in “academic prose”. It is alarming to incite passions when there are real-world dangers.

Chris Rock and David Chappelle are both comedians. What makes them stand out as comedians?

This author has impressive credentials.

Candace McDuffie works as Senior Writer for The Root. Candace McDuffie is Senior Writer at The Root.

She has worked for almost every liberal, racist outlet, so it’s okay if her agitating extremism doesn’t have a “intersectional”, which is rooted in race, gender, and entertainment.

Conservatives would be picked by mainstream media quicker than Jerry Nadler could find jelly doughnuts. Merrick Galrland’s Department of Justice will pursue the dangerous QAnonMAGA rebel.