Cyber Attack or Incompetence? Flights Grounded but at Least They Use the Proper Pronouns


All over the USA, flights have been grounded. But why? Everybody knows the reason. Is there more to the FAA and our Department of Transportation?

You bet!

The obvious question after Wednesday’s chaos at FAA is “How can they leave all domestic US flights grounded for the first time since 9/11?” Pete Buttigieg (Transport secretary) says that a better question is “Yes, but were the flights grounded in diversity and equity? ”

Because DEI is exactly where Buttigieg puts his priorities, and not with maintaining our transport infrastructure.

Talk radio host John Cardillo noted this morning that “If you’re surprised that the FAA’s systems went down this morning grounding all domestic flights, you shouldn’t be.”

Cardillo tweeted: “Below are DOT’s and FAAs props that focus on the budget for 2023.”

The critical computer system of the FAA was shut down due to an attack from outside. But that’s another story. Transportation was about “Racial equality,” inclusion, income inequality,” environmental justice, and climate change. ”

We are one step closer to applauding racist highways and to experiencing a system breakdown that results in the same outcome as a terrorist attack.

It may have been an attack.

An anonymous source told us Wednesday’s bellyflop didn’t “sound like an infrastructure problem”, as they don’t believe there’s “one point for failure in design anywhere”.

Critical systems are vital and must be resilient

We were told this was malice or a bad update.

An attack on our critical infrastructure would be malice. This is what the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to protect us against. He “engaged in incompatible behavior with his duties” and “actively misled Congress about our southern border.”

Mayorkas might have been tempted by the idea of doing the same thing elsewhere but there is no evidence to suggest that Mayorkas was involved.

An anonymous source also suggested that there could be a failure to update the FAA critical computer system. This is what happens when the boss values diversity, equity, and competence more than competence.

Computer systems work in binary just like sex and “gender” in postmodern, inaccurate terminology. They operate on a series if they work properly or not at all.

It is impossible to have diversity, and equity, or include everything except what works.

Don’t let your eyes wander from the ball.

Under Buttigieg’s reign of terror, disasters keep coming.