More Journalists Are Waking Up To Wokeism


Tara Henley is tired of the direction modern news media takes. The veteran journalist, producer, and occasional personality on-air, Tara Henley knows the intricacies of the media. Before she left the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she spent almost a decade there.

Now that Henley is gone from the CBC she will be sharing her reasons.

She has a Substack page and a podcast in the works. In both cases, Henley sheds light on how wokeism is now invading North American newsrooms.

Substack’s debut with the title ” speaking Freely” explains why she quit the CBC.

Henley points out that today’s CBC journalists are embracing the far-left, woke agenda and, in doing so, “embrace cognitive dissonance” and “abandon journalistic integrity.”

Unsurprisingly, the CBC’s woke infiltration includes an obsession with race. From story selection to filling forms that count how many minorities a showrunner has read, it also involves a lot of race-related tasks. The accepting government dictates about pandemic policy is part of the deal. This type of journalism is more concerned about crimes against minorities than it does with exposing issues that affect large numbers of people.

Henley will also be launching Substack this week, which will focus on books and authors who defy the woke trend. She’ll also be launching a podcast in which she promises “a podcast discussion with a heterodox author every other Wednesday.”

Henley’s criticisms of CBC are not unique.

This is a flaw I believe in the Canadian public broadcaster system. The CBC is my constant source of inspiration. It’s a passion of mine and a concern. The CBC is a vital part of the country’s future. Is the CBC enough? They probably don’t. They want it to be better.

Although it’s not in our country, it sounds remarkably familiar.

We have complained for years, if not decades, about the leftward leanings of mainstream media. It’s refreshing to see those in the media-industrial complex wake up to the wokeness that has pervaded culture, even those who consider themselves to be on the left.

Henley and others like it are to be commended for their courage to speak up.