The Poor 2021 COVID Prediction From Fauci


Kamala Harris stated last month to the Los Angeles Times, that the Biden administration was blindsided in COVID variants delta or omicron. “We didn’t see delta coming. She said that most scientists, upon whom they have relied for guidance and advice, didn’t see the coming of the delta. “We didn’t see omicron come. That’s the nature and origin of this horrible virus, which has, it turns out, many mutations and variants.

The White House tried to retrace their steps and sent Dr. Anthony Fauci as a rescue. “We did. We definitely saw variants coming,” Fauci insisted. However, Dr. Fauci made a bold prediction on NBC’s Meet The Press in May 2021. This now contradicts his earlier claim.

“Well, the fact we have vaccines now, Chuck,” Fauci stated. I mean, if you reach the goals set by the president, namely 70% vaccinations before the Fourth of July and then more, you might see blips. However, if you handle them well, you won’t see the same surge as we saw in late fall and early winter.

What happened then? The fall saw a spike, and then came the winter.

We are well beyond 70% with some immunity, even though we’re not 100% fully vaccinated.

But Dr. Fauci was wrong so much. Why? It’s simple: Despite his claims to the contrary, either the top national infectious disease expert didn’t foresee the COVID variants or he didn’t anticipate the decreased efficacy of vaccines against these variants.

Since day one, Dr. Fauci was the driving force behind our nation’s COVID response. He repeatedly gave us reasons to doubt his judgment and trust him. It’s time for Fauci to step down. We’ve been let down by him.