MSNBC: MTG’s Rap Video Is ‘Racist and Offensive’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene released a new hot collab, entitled “Mayor Of Magaville,” with a MAGA super rapper.

The video begins with a Gadsden Flag License Plate affixed on the bumper of a red car with some sexy, urban rimZ. MTG is seated on a throne, with angel wings surrounding her. The chorus is: “MTG’s MVP, MAGA.” You get it.

Forgiato Blow, the rapper who spits phat bars in the track (or however the kids call it now), is the pioneer of “MAGA Rap,” a subgenre that is dedicated to the glorification and adoration of the former President and his political allies like MTG. In each of his videos, he wears a MAGA jumpsuit in all red and waxes poetic about the current culture war issue. This tight jam is on the Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney story.

Some might call it cringe. The vast majority of modern music that is rap is cringe-worthy.

Joy Reid is shocked. Joy Reid, the resident Race Lady of MSNBC, has Adderall-induced eyes. Joy Reid can be relied upon to champion rap in any context. Please don’t sue, Mr. MSNBC’s counsel, as I do not know whether Joy Reid is taking Adderall. She just looks like she might be.

Chris Hayes is the resident eunuch, and Rachel Maddow’s body doubles for the next hour. He agrees with Reid.

MSNBC’s rhetoric could lead someone unfamiliar with rap to believe that MTG was unique in its vapidity or lack of excitement when in reality, the genre as a whole is saturated in mediocrity.

Try to decipher the meaning behind Desiigner’s unintelligible “Panda”, spelled with 2 I’s as one would do.

MTG says that “Mayor Magaville” is a message of greater significance. Via Business Insider

An MTG representative stated on Twitter that this song was to “promote” the Protect Children’s Innocence Act, which would ban gender-affirming treatment for minors. The song contains a small excerpt of Greene’s transphobic remarks, in which he accuses Democrats of “grooming” children and claims that Joe Biden is for “sexualizing” children and “transgender surgery.”

MTG said that most rap videos glorify violence and drugs, but Forgiato’s video calls out the left’s grooming agenda and protects our children from genital cutting. It was great fun filming this video, and I’m very proud that Forgiato’s Blow supports my Protect Children’s Innocence Act.