Newsom Says Republicans to Blame for Imminent Border Chaos


Gavin Newsom, California’s star-hungry governor made an unusual trip to the U.S. border to meet with people who were affected by the pandemic-era Title 42. Gavin Newsom went to the American border towns to meet legal Californians. No, he didn’t.

That’s right! Newsom was there to discuss immigration reform and support “immigrant communities.” He wanted to know how he (meaning taxpayers) could best help them by weakening immigration laws through Biden’s immigration “reforms.” Newsom, normally a media-friendly person, made it a point of quietly slipping down to Mexicali in Baja Mexico to meet with international immigration activists as well as hundreds of migrants who were waiting in a shelter in Mexico. What exactly are they waiting for? Title 42 Health Expulsions are over.

Title 42 has been ended. This means that all the migrants who were expelled in the pandemic will try again to cross the border into the United States at the southern border. This also means that more migrants will cross the border with them. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that there has been more than 2.4 million Title 42 expulsions in the past three years. Remember, these are illegal immigrants that were expelled and caught, not those who escaped.

Although there is a lot of illegal immigration, that is not Newsom’s main concern. Newsom was present on Monday. His concern, along with those of Biden and the DNC, is that the current chaos at the border could be attributed to the GOP in Congress and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. Notice how Newsom crossed back to the U.S. border in Calexico (Calif.) before posting this photo op-video announcing his visit and taking a dig at the GOP.

The left acts as a service to the narrative and does not act without a reason. This video is obviously leftist spin and narrative nonsense. But it also telegraphs what the left intends to do. Since it created chaos, the left is aware of it and doesn’t want it to be blamed.

The real question is not whether Republicans are to be blamed for not supporting so-called “migrants”, but rather, why are Biden & Co. allowing such a large influx of illegal immigrants into the country? They are actually encouraging it. We know the reason, and Republicans should tell it. They shouldn’t buy the “humane”, and “for love”, narrative while simultaneously being called “uncaring and hateful xenophobes.”

McCarthy posted that Biden should enforce Title 42 and end catch-and-release to address the increase in illegal border crossings. Is that someone who would like to see a greater border crisis? It sounds like someone who expects that the President of the United States will fulfill his duty to protect and defend the Constitution, sovereignty, and national security of the nation and its citizens. Biden and Newsom did not swear to protect or serve foreign migrants, nor encourage lawlessness. Although it’s a positive start, the GOP must continue to attack for once.

Monday’s meeting with Newsom was followed by a torrent of migrants in Texas and other states. Fox News’s Bill Melugin reported that thousands of illegal migrants had crossed the border to the United States after they were bused by Mexican police. It would be foolish to not expect more invasive migrant cars to arrive with this level of facilitation. Let’s not pretend that they will all be processed by the overworked Border Patrol agents. Instead, thousands of international criminals are allowed to cross the border now with clean records.

We’ve known for years that the southern border immigration crisis is a result of the financial and social enticements leftists like Newsom use in order to attract migrants. We really need to believe that this trip was not to promise more. Newsom and his associates are to blame.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, plans to visit El Paso (Texas) on Tuesday. There have been no public events. It is unclear if McCarthy will keep his call for Mayorkas’ resignation or face an investigation. Republicans should be prepared to challenge the narrative being presented, as we know these are only the beginning. We shouldn’t let the left stop; they don’t.