San Francisco Crowd Boos Musk After Dave Chappelle Brings Him Onstage at Comedy Gig


Dave Chappelle may be the comedian you think is the best in stand-up comedy. But he’s also one of the most intelligent comedians. His intelligence is what makes him so funny.

This was apparent at the gig that Chappelle hosted in San Francisco on Sunday night when Elon Musk came onstage.

Let’s examine the situation.

Elon Musk. At San Francisco.

Musk stated to Business Insider that Twitter headquarters remain in San Francisco. Musk also said that he doesn’t plan to move the headquarters to Texas.

CNBC reports that Chappelle stated that he had spoken with the audience. “Ladies, gentlemen make some noise for the richest person on the planet,” Musk was greeted by cheers, but also boos. “It sounds like some of the people that you fired are here,” replied Chappelle. ”

Musk was captured on video by members of the audience and they heard him shout “I’m rich, stupid!” The audience then loudlybooed Musk for several minutes more. They also recorded him shouting “I’m rich, stupid!”

Musk tried to speak briefly, but Chappelle intervened and said:

Don’t say anything. Elon! That sound is what indicates civil unrest.

Again, pure Chappelle.

Chappelle closed the show with a prayer and an admonishment as the boos continued.

It’s not the best thing you can do.

Amen, indeed.

Musk responded to the event via Monday tweet, with a firm tongue in cheek.

Technically, it was 90% cheers with 10% boos. However, that is still a lot of people booing (except during quiet periods), It almost feels like I have offended SF’s unhinged Leftists… but nahhh.

Classic Elon.

Dave Chappelle might not be the best stand-up comedian.

Given Elon Musk’s eloquent use of Twitter to manipulate the left, it is no surprise that the event went as planned.