NFL Kicker Sends Message to Biden with Pro-Life Tie During White House Visit


The man who drilled the go-ahead field goal that won Super Bowl LVII for the Kansas City Chiefs last February has just notched another win, this time for his faith and the cause of the unborn. During a visit to the White House to celebrate the team’s win, kicker Harrison Butker wore a tie emblazoned with a pro-life message.

On Monday, the Chiefs, some of their players and staff who had moved on to other teams or phases in their life, visited President Joe Biden to celebrate their second Super Bowl win in four years. Butker wore the phrase “Vulnerari Praisesidio”, which means “protecting the weak”.

Butker is a 27-year-old man who has always been open to Catholicism. In February, shortly after the Super Bowl, he gave an interview with EWTN where he talked about the importance of faith in his own life.

He said, “I’m not doing kicks to make money or to be someone people want to emulate someday.” “I’m making kicks because God wants me to have a platform where I can share the message of virtue, faith, getting closer to sacraments, and being a Saint, for now. ”

“I imagine my future with my wife and children,” he added. I also imagine saints. “That’s what I see. I don’t think of myself as being in the Hall of Fame or winning any more Super Bowls. I don’t think about getting x contracts, y contracts, or z records. ”
Butker is a former priest who regularly attends Latin traditional mass. He said his faith keeps him grounded and focused on Jesus. ”

Butker, wearing a tie advocating for the protection of “the vulnerable,” referring often to the unborn and the elderly, promoted Catholic morals which assert that “human life must be respected and protected beginning with conception” and that any “formal cooperation” with abortion is “a grave offense”. The document states that “intentional self-harm… is murder.” ”

Butker may have worn the tie to criticize Biden, a fellow Catholic who has publicly supported abortion. Wilton Cardinal Gregory, the archbishop of the Washington, D.C. Diocese, acknowledged that Biden’s position on abortion “doesn’t demonstrate Catholic teaching”, however, he chose not to officially excommunicate the cardinal. Biden was not allowed to attend Mass until he made a public confession and renounced his abortion support

In his speech Monday at the White House Biden praised the Chiefs for their work “off-the-field” by “speaking out against racial inequality, honoring veterans as you do, and promoting tutors, mentors, and local schools.” Butker, Butker didn’t mention Butker’s tireless efforts to promote the Catholic faith and traditional marriage.