Prominent Figure Faces Rape Accusations, Denies Wrongdoing


A prominent transgender LGBTQ Philadelphia activist who supported and campaigned on behalf of several leading Democrats in the Commonwealth has been arrested for several charges including rape, assault, and sexual abuse against two young boys.

Kendall Stephens was arrested on Monday. He is charged with rape and other crimes, including involuntary abuse, unauthorized contact with minors, and indecent attacks against two victims younger than 13 years of age. Other charges include corruption of minors, and endangering children’s welfare.

Stephens, who is a biologically male transgender, became famous in 2020 as the victim of an attack that many believed to be a hate crime. The attacker, Tymesha Wearing, was found guilty of aggravated assault, conspiracy, and a violent crime.

“Nearly 3 years ago, Kendall Stephens was the victim of a horrifying crime intended to degrade and silence her,” said District Attorney Larry Krasner.

“Ms. Stephens, instead of pursuing her graduate studies, continues to speak loudly in support of other queer victims of violent crime.” The criminal case has been closed. Ms. Stephens, however, will not stop fighting to ensure queer people receive the support, respect, and protections they deserve.

Stephens’ arrest sparked a social media firestorm from those who pointed out Stephens’ ties to different political campaigns and others who said the punishment for the alleged crime should be substantial.

In a post on Instagram last year, Stephens shared a picture with Sen. Bob Casey. She thanked him for giving her a “platform to speak” and said that Casey was “a true ally to the local community.”

LibsofTikTok, along with Kendall’s photos standing next to prominent Democrats from the Commonwealth, posted the following on X: “Kendall ran for the Governor (D) of PA.” “Kendall supported the Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner’s (D) campaign.” He is also friends with Senator Bob Casey (D), and calls him a ‘friend’.

Colin Rugg posted on X that “37-year-old transgender Kendall Stephens was arrested for allegedly r*ping 2 minors under 13 years of age.” “This is the reason for the death penalty.”

We contacted the offices of Casey & Krasner, but we did not receive a reply immediately.

Manuel Bonder is the spokesperson for the Governor. Josh Shapiro stated. This individual should be prosecuted according to the law and the full extent of it.

NBC Philadelphia reported that the investigation into Stephens started in September, when a grandparent of one of Stephens’ alleged victims informed police of Stephens sexually abusing her grandson on multiple occasions, beginning when he was eight years old.

Parents believed that the second victim received “gifts from nowhere” to “keep him silent.” Stephens allegedly warned another victim that he could be jailed if he spoke to anyone about their encounter.

Stephens’ bail amount was set at $500,000.