Survey: Should the Biden Administration Yield to Mexico’s Immigration Extortion Demands?


Andres Manuel Obrador, the Mexican President, tried to extort the United States of America by demanding that the United States pay $20 billion per year, yes, every year, or the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border would continue. Fox News went to the streets and asked random Americans what they thought. The answers were not all positive.

Andy said to Fox News in Music City on the famous Broadway street, “I don’t think we should be paying their demands.” “It’s not our problem that they are coming, but theirs for letting them over. It would be as if we were submitting to them.”

Chris, a local from Nashville, did not agree. He said that the U.S. should work with Mexico to resolve the immigration crisis.

He said, “It benefits us too.” “We spend our money elsewhere, so why not here?”

Take a second to consider that response. This blatant acceptance that America has an unlimited supply of money for spending is, to be honest, a horrifying idea. The country is approaching $34 trillion in debt. We need to be more logical about how we spend our money.

Closing down the southern border – and closing it – is one place where we should spend some money.

20 billion dollars would be enough to build and maintain an impressive border wall. We could hire more agents to enforce the law. Some of the money could be used to bring back our troops that are still in Europe for whatever reason. We can then place them at the border. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see 10,000 Soviet tanks charge through the Fulda gap, so our reasons for maintaining forces in Europe have diminished.

Here are some details about President Obrador’s request:

Andres Manuel Obrador, the Mexican president, said in an interview with “60 Minutes,” that the surge in migrants entering the U.S. would continue until President Biden and the administration complied with his demands. Obrador called on the U.S. government to send $20 billion per year to Latin American nations, lift sanctions against Venezuela, end Cuba’s embargo, and legalize millions of Hispanics living and working in the U.S.

The proper response from the United States to this bit of proposed extortion should rightly end with the phrase, “…and the horse you rode in on.”

Biden’s administration is unlikely to respond promptly. They are more likely to give in. Joe Biden seems to have adopted this tactic when dealing with foreign nations unless Israel is involved.

Mexico needs us more. Most of the illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. are not from Mexico. Most illegal immigrants are from Latin America. However, more come from other countries, such as China, Africa, and the Middle East. The percentage of illegal immigration from Mexico is down because more Mexicans find work in American factories that are set up to benefit from Mexico’s cheaper workers and are dependent on shipping goods north.

In this case, President Biden and the administration of his office should tell El Presidente Obrador which direction to go. Unfortunately, they will be more inclined to reach for the checkbook.