Take Me Out (of the Closet) to the Ball Game: Milwaukee Brewers to Host Drag Queen Night


Pride Month is this month and corporations all over the globe are busy virtue-signaling. Next Wednesday, Milwaukee’s Brewers will host Pride Night at their park. At least four drag queens will be there. Their appearance at a late-night baseball match just goes to show how conservative and hidebound the Grand Old Game can be.

The first thing that Pride Night (no word yet on when the Brewers are hosting Anger Night, or Lust Night, or Sloth Night) at American Travesty of the Family Field is about, of course, is making money. Drag queens have never, to my knowledge, been big baseball fans, but now that we’re all woke and love the LGBTQ alphabet soup, the Brewers are clearly hoping to attract a new fan base that, if it doesn’t care anything about the game, can at least ogle the players. The economic motivation behind the event is underscored by the fact that the Brewers’ announcement of the event, which is intended to “celebrate our local LGBTQ+ community with special appearances, local entertainment, and photo ops!” leads off the list of the night’s events with “Brewers Pride Marketplace.”

Although it appears that a baseball game will be held, the main event is the “Pregame Drag Show With DJ Drip Sweat,” which features four drag performers. Jaida, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will perform at Cream City Cocktail Bar prior to the game.

Brewers clearly took great care to make this event accessible for families. A video uploaded by Beth Anne Bodyworks to his Instagram shows a Trump supporter saying that “No one understands the pain that a child experiences being ripped from leg to leg during an abortion.” He then switched to “Beth Anne Bodyworks”, jumping and stomping around on a doll to delight the Brewers brass and drag queen enthusiasts.

Is there any concern about young boys playing baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers? Brewer officials are well-versed in precedents that can be used to support their position.

Brewers Pride Backpacks are available to all ticket holders who have purchased tickets. It features the Brewers logo, rainbow-colored straps, and the Brewers logo. This backpack is a great souvenir for anyone who attends the event.

It’s hard to predict how many boys will decide to be drag queens and/or embrace gay life after being exposed to them at school.