Washington Post Reporter Learns Why You Never Apologize to the Mob


We reported Friday that Dave Weigel (a Washington Post reporter) was in serious trouble after posting a joke about women. The tweet stated that every girl is bi. It’s up to you to decide if the joke is polar or sexual.

This caused immediate outrage not only from woke lefties on Twitter but also from one of her colleagues at The Post. Felicia Sonmez whose bio describes her as a national political reporter stated “Fantastic to work at an outlet where tweets like this are allowed!”

Weigel deleted his retweet and quickly learned that the mob doesn’t forgive you.

Things escalated to the point that Weigel was publicly chastised at The Post by his superiors. “These actions will not be tolerated.

This was all over a joke, which was barely worthy to be called a joke. It was because the national media is filled with the most fragile hypocrites.

I’ll mention that Felicia Sonmez had jack to say when her co-worker, Taylor Lorenz did something objectively harmful and unethical by doxxing Libs of TikTok and purposely leaving out context, but she’s there to police jokes when the time comes. You see, it’s fine for Lorenz to lie about people and stalk their family members (Note: Lorenz is currently caught up in another journalism ethics scandal that required her employer to offer numerous corrections).

Retweeting a joke about women that is PG-rated should be avoided. You will be punished.

Washington Post employees know that the higher-ups in the company encourage hostile work environments. Weigel may have felt the moral obligation of apologizing. It’s fine. However, he should know that it will only lead to more ridicule. It is a waste to try and placate them.