Why The White House Has Problems With Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris’s internal beating was unlike any vice-president in many decades. To learn more about Joe Biden, Harris. Ronald Reagan and Bush argued heads to discover this tension between an agency’s second in command.

We documented much of this conflict, including complaints from the White House that Harris was “a deadbeat on the job”. Harris’ camp claims Harris is being treated differently because of racism.

Harris did not improve upon the dust-up that occurred in November. Harris answered, “our democracy”, I believe it was a reference to January 6th. ”

Next came the economic questions. Harris wasn’t prepared. She doesn’t seem to know what she is doing.

Harris didn’t have the same resume that Mike Pence or Dick Cheney. Barack Obama treated Biden as an outcast, and she wasn’t an asset. She was instead a backbench senator for one term after her failure to become Attorney General of California. This state is not representative of the rest.

Harris, on the other hand, is like a student who is always failing and just keeps going to the next grade.

Perhaps she is influenced by people who have repeatedly praised her, giving her a false sense of her ability.