Trump Has Some Advice For Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan was in trouble after he offered the Left a knee bend. Some famous Americans have had to deal with the destructive power of the Left before and have some tips for Rogan.

A popular podcaster, comedian, and UFC host, he apologized to Spotify’s listeners for discussing topics that the Leftist woke mob determined were misinformation. His politically nuclear guests, both experts in COVID-19, disagreed strongly with the Left’s (same) definition of COVID-19 being “settled science.” ”

Rogan gave Spotify the right of vetoing his content. They could post warnings on Rogan’s podcast about content they consider too offensive for Leftists, or delete episodes they deem offensive to their woke employees.

The beast never rests.

The Left was not satisfied with his apology. It only encouraged them to continue demanding more

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the White House, called Spotify to condemn Rogan. She expressed hope that all major news outlets and tech platforms would be vigilant and responsible, and that each platform will do more.

It’s a shame but why would Big Tech ask the government to restrict content they don’t like? People, calm yourself! It wouldn’t violate the First Amendment.

Rogan apologized for using the “n” word in his podcast discussion about comedians. ”

He believed quoting jokes were okay back then. Rogan told his Instagram followers that it is illegal for white people to use the words “racist and poisonous” in his latest apology.

Some Americans are aware of what it is like to be attacked and support Joe Rogan.
Trump was the first one to weigh in. He stated that Trump was an “interesting and popular guy” but that he must stop apologizing to Radical Left and Fake News for their fake news. He said, “Joe. Keep going with your business, and don’t let anyone make it seem weak or afraid. Trump ended his remarks with an encouraging statement: “That’s never me, and it never will be!” ”

Rogan doesn’t like Trump. Bernie Sanders was his supporter right from the beginning. Trump’s advice is correct in this instance.

Steven Crowder, of “Louder with Crowder”, fame, advised Rogan to not apologize. “Apologies cannot be used as a time-waster.” “They don’t mean to forgive.” He would be able to tell. He is being pursued by the Left.

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, also gave the same advice. It was sent in an email blast by Joe because the Left had removed Joe from many platforms that allow them to tell stories they don’t like.

O’Keefe told Project Veritas Experience’s crowd that Joe should “double down” and pointed at the camera. ”

Trump advises not to apologize.