Dear Politicians, Quit The Power Trip


It is an incredible spectacle to see Canadian Wokedom fight against the Unseen. Finally was visible to the media.

It’s not as if the authorities were sitting by idly while the threat came. The police force of Ottawa has stated that it will stop people from providing gas, food, and other support to the protesters downtown. GoFundMe has embargoed money donated to protesters at the request of law enforcement and the army, but not yet. Trudeau said that the use of the military to stop the Ottawa protest is not in the cards. “All these measures to end protestors, even though they were attempting to gather, were not acknowledged by the media as being in place.

Who is this invading army exactly? Canadian truckers ask PM Justin Trudeau for an exemption from the vaccination requirement that allows them to enter the United States.

The strategic question that you need to ask in order to estimate the odds of the contenders is “On whose side are trends and time?” There will be more Denmarks (which has just lifted Covid restrictions), Joe Rogans, and more unseen protesters — but fewer. Because of the energy that was stored in the two previous years of mandates and restrictions, we predicted that there would be more. It will also unwind, generating a lot of political heat and energy.

This is the point that Michael Bang Petersen, Danish government advisor, makes independently in his New York Times article “The End of the Pandemic may Tear Us Apart”: “The End of the Pandemic May Tear us Apart” But while it might seem good news for some, it will be bad news for all those who saw the restrictions as a time of safety, certainty, and social engineering. Petersen points out that there will be losers once the pandemic ends.

People who are still concerned about Covid-19 will continue to see high numbers during spikes. This will support their fears and reinforce their observance of mask-wearing/distancing. Restrictions will be removed, which could make it seem like a defeat for those who are already vigilant about Covid-19.

Regardless of how it hurts the feelings, the pandemic must end. Already Sweden announced that it will follow Denmark in lifting Covid controls next Wednesday. It’s difficult to imagine Justin Trudeau resisting the truckers’ request to end the mandate on vaccine borders. Mandates must also be removed from the list if Covid is truly dying. Trudeau made a political statement by declaring vaccine petitioners to be a “small minority of people on their way towards Ottawa who is holding unacceptable views.” Trudeau transformed a public health problem into political dynamite. This is a classic example of how to turn a problem into a crisis. Trudeau turned an issue about lifting restrictions on a fading disease into a referendum on civil liberties and prime ministerial leadership. Petersen states that it takes just as much statesmanship as it does to get a country out of lockdown.

Someday, it will be necessary to remove restrictions and lower guards. This is not because this position was always right, but because of the changing circumstances. Strong leadership is crucial for ending the pandemic. Public health officials and politicians must explain why restrictions are being lifted as the need for them diminishes. This is just like why they were imposed. The public must be informed by authorities about the reasons they place more responsibility on individuals. They should also address concerns of those who are not ready or those who remain at greater risk like the immune-compromised.

You can’t tell that to political mediocrities who were transformed literally overnight from mere presidents or prime ministers into potentates with real and imagined absolute power over millions. Some people see the end of the pandemic as a chance to rebuild the world.

These events highlight the need for independent political mobilization and support of the working class. The working class, with its socialist and internationalist program, is the only social force that can implement a zero COVID science-based policy to end the pandemic, stop the reckless drive towards imperialist war, and stop the danger of authoritarianism or fascist political violence.

This means that only they can save this world. The names of many drugs, including fluvoxamine, paxlovid and sotrovimab, will be included in the history of Covid-19’s pandemic. The distorting effects of the most addictive and powerful drug, political power, will not be included in the narrative. Fear gave politicians immense power. The question is, can they take it back?