US Officials Push Back on Reports of Dark Web Javelin Missiles


U.S. Officials consider the reports that Javelin missiles were being sold over the dark web to be Russian disinformation.

Eric Pahon from the Pentagon stated that there was no evidence to support that claim. Eric Pahon also said that there was no evidence to back up this claim.

The first social media reports began to surface, with screenshots showing sales on the dark web asking for $30,000 for FGM148 Javelin, a well-known anti-tank guided missile system.

These posts claim weapons were purchased from Ukraine. This implies that the weapons have been diverted from official sources

Biden has already committed billions of dollars in military aid and this week added $700 million to that package. It included 1,000 Javelin missiles and a further 1,500 Javelin missiles. This was thought to be sufficient to reduce the country’s war planning stockpiles.

We were informed that the State Department “consistently monitors any reports of diversion of U.S. defense gear anywhere and takes all allegations about weapons diversions seriously.”

A spokesperson for the State Department said that Russia’s active and well-known use of disinformation was a reason why authentic images should not be taken seriously and should be treated as suspicious.

The spokesperson said that officials from the U.S. would collaborate with Ukrainian partners to ensure that weapons and money they have received “continues to be properly used” as Ukraine defends itself against the Russian invasion.

The White House also responded to the reports insisting that those making these claims had access pro-Russian information sources.

Fox News spoke to a spokesperson from the National Security Council. She stated that although the U.S. government is serious in its allegations of weapons diversion, this source doesn’t seem credible. This is because it is being amplified by sources that have been known to disseminate pro-Russian disinformation. ”

According to the spokesperson, Moscow is well-known for spreading misinformation about Ukraine’s weapons proliferation.