Vulnerable Iowa Dem Vacationed In Europe As She Voted By Proxy For Inflation Reduction Act, IRS Expansion


Cindy Axne, Iowa Democratic Representative, was not present at the Capitol to vote on Inflation Reduction Act. Even though she was on vacation in Europe, she voted proxy.

A photo that her son took on Instagram shows that Axne was in France during the vote.

The caption was shared to Instagram Aug. 11, and read: “FrancePT. Axne shown here with her husband

On August 12th, Cheryl Johnson (Clerk of the House of Representatives), wrote to Axne stating that she was “unable to physically attend proceedings at House Chamber due to an ongoing public health crisis”. Axne also granted permission for Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D.Va span>

A tweet from Axne’s Twitter account indicated that the measure was passed in the House. I just voted YES on the #InflationReductionAct – a historic bill to lower health care costs, cut prescription drug prices, lower the cost of energy, and much more. ”

The resolution that established proxy voting stated that it was intended to keep members from having to interact during the COVID-19 pandemic. House members can also vote by proxy by sending a letter informing them that they are unable to physically attend the House Chamber proceedings due to the ongoing public health crisis. A letter designating another person to vote for them is also included in the document.

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., House Speaker has extended proxy voting until Sept. 26, but it is not clear if the practice will continue after that date.

Axne supported the Inflation Reduction Act repeatedly, even though he was unable to vote in the House chamber.

The measure was signed into law by Biden last month. The IRS will receive an additional $80 trillion over a period of 10 years. These funds will be used for tax evasion prevention. This will allow the IRS to fill more than half of its existing 87,000 positions.

Axne is a member of the House since 2019. Axne denies Republican claims that President Biden’s $500 billion student loan handout will cause an increase in inflation.

For certain borrowers earning less than $125,000 per year, federal student loan debt will be reduced to $10,000. Pell Grant recipients will see a $20,000 reduction. The plan extends the pause in federal loan payments through the end of the calendar-year.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget published a study that found student loans could “boost inflation by between 15 to 27 basis points over a year.” ” ” ”

Axne fights to retain her seat in November as she attempts to challenge Zach Nunn (Iowa senator). Nunn was the Republican nominee to represent the Third District of Congress.