New Store Chain ‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Business is Booming


The owner of “Let’s Go Brandon”, a chain of stores, is expanding his business in New England. Keith Lambert announced Thursday that he will be opening stores in two more Massachusetts towns.

The original name of the stores was “New England for Trump.” However, Lambert changed the name of one store in November. He opened another location and renamed all the remaining shops.

Lambert has locations in several Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as a pop-up store that is open when the weather permits. Lambert also owns an online shop that sells shirts and ornaments.

Fox Business Network spoke with Lambert, who said that the reception was generally positive, but some critics have left negative reviews online and he sometimes receives hateful phone calls or emails. He claims that he was threatened with death by his family.

Lambert has two main complaints about Biden: his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the crisis at the southern border.

Fox Business reported that he said, “His decision-making is not good.” “I don’t believe he’s doing the job he should be doing. I’m not happy about it, like many other people.

After an NBC reporter incorrectly reported that NASCAR fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” after a win by Brandon Brown, the phrase became viral. In fact, they were shouting “F-– Joe Biden!”

This phrase has become a well-known anti-Biden slogan at concerts, sporting events, and directly towards Biden on Christmas.