Ye AKA Kanye West Makes White Lives Matter Statement at Fashion Show


With his latest collection, the rapper and fashion designer Kanye West is exploding on social media. At his “Yeezy Season 9” show in Paris, models wore shirts with the slogan “White Lives Matter” on their backs.

Ye said to the crowd, “You can’t manage my life.” This is an impossible situation to manage. The music can’t be turned down. This is God’s dream. This is a dream that cannot be achieved without God’s help.

Although it is not yet clear whether the “White Lives Matter shirts” will be included in the fashion line, they have received a lot of attention on Twitter, especially after Candace Owens, a conservative commentator, was seen wearing one at her show.

“Kanye West’s decision to wear a shirt that says “White Lives Matter” is dangerous, irresponsible, and disgusting. Some of you will rush to defend him.” “You should ask yourself why,” Marc Lamont Hill (host of BET News, Black News Tonight, and Temple University professor) tweeted.

Many people are trying to justify Kanye’s white life matter t-shirt as a marketing ploy or a troll move. It could be. It’s still a foolish message to send to someone who has such a large platform. Dude, I’m gone. Jemele Hill, a podcast host, tweeted: “Y’all label his foolishness as a genius.”

Below is Ye’s complete event.